Israeli hijackers hijacked the planes and sprayed a nerve agent in aerosolized form to knock out the passengers. They then switched the plane’s operation to remote control flight so they could be flown using SATLINKS. They then left the planes by parachute. Spotter plane drones monitored and followed the planes’ flights to their destinations, and once reached, spotter helicopter drones were used to detonate the missile that was on the planes and explosives in the buildings. Mossad companies had control of the four September 11 airports. The Twin Towers were blown up by basement thermonuclear weapons. Conventional explosives were also used in the demolitions. The most compelling evidence for the nuclear bombing of the Twin Towers is the cancer spike in Ground Zero clean-up and recovery workers and the radioactive elements found at the WTC. Uranium, strontium, barium, thorium, tritium and other radionuclides were found in WTC dust and girder coatings. Elevated levels of radionuclides are a signature of a nuclear explosion. 5,100 WTC workers in a health program have cancer as of December, 2016, according to the Centers for Disease Control. 1 in 12 responders or 8% of responders have a cancer diagnosis as of 2016. As many as 55 different types of cancers have been found in workers, many of them rare. Some have more than one cancer. 1,180 in the program have already died. The figure of 5,100 does not include those with cancer who did not enrol. Since 2013, the number of workers with cancer increases by 1200 every year. Fresh Kills landfill where dust and debris was moved to is called “Cancer Alley” by locals. A radiation survey in 2006 detected radiation hot spots over Fresh Kills landfill and lower Manhattan. The evidence is mounting that a nuclear explosion took place at the towers. More





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